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Growing Up Wild Camp

Join us at the Growing Up Wild Camp! This day camp is for 4-5 year olds, and runs from 9 am – 12 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Themes change daily.

Early drop off: 8:30 am (additional $5 per child per day)

Late pick-up: 12:30 pm (additional $5 per child per day)


  • Non-members $90 (3 days)
  • Members $76.50 (3 days)

Family Membership saves you 15% on Summer Camps!

July 14 – Crafty Critters

Birds, bears and beavers, oh my! It’s a dangerous world out there, and animals need to be able to survive. Explore the amazing superpowers that animals, plants, and other living organisms have developed to survive and to thrive, from poison, to quills, claws and more!

July 15 – Grow & Learn

Get your hands dirty in our garden this summer! Plant some seeds and learn how to grow your own garden. Get up close and personal with worms our wiggly compost friends and bees our beautiful pollinators!

July 16 – It’s a Bug’s Life

Discover the amazing miniature world of insects in the air and in the water! Learn about our local pollinator pals, play games, collect insects, and investigate with magnifying glasses.

July 28 – Nature Superheroes

Become a Nature Superhero with Allan Brooks Nature Centre! Learn what you can do to help save the planet; composting, recycling, conserving water and saving endangered species! Design your own superhero character and help us save nature.

July 29 – Prehistoric Creatures

Dinosaurs are alive! Join us while we learn about living dinosaurs and travel back in time to learn about the time when dinosaurs ruled the world. In this voyage through time, we’ll find out what it’s like to be a real life paleontologist and dig up our own fossils!

July 30 – Check the Map!

Come on an adventure with Allan Brooks Nature Centre this summer! Learn how to use a map and compass, then find your way to the hidden treasure!

August 11 – Pollinator Pals

Pollination is all around us! Join us as we discover all of our Pollinator Pals….from bees to butterflies, moths, ants, flies, beetles and even BATS!

August 12- Wing It!

Learn about birds of the Okanagan region! Find out how birds are different, what they eat, and what adaptations they have to survive. Learn how they hunt and their different flight patterns. Use ABNC binoculars to find local birds.

August 13 – Get Cold Blooded!

Get your hands dirty as we delve into the wonderful world of leaping lizards, slithery snakes and slimy salamanders! Explore our pond as we fish out baby salamanders and inspect them up close!

August 25 – Pups, Chicks and little Kits!

From cute and cuddly to naked and ugly, learn more about animals born in the wild. Learn why deer fawns and coyote pups look like their parents, but tadpoles and insect larvae do not.

August 26- Nature Detectives

Put on your detective cap as we solve the mystery of what animals have been hanging around the nature centre! Follow the clues the animals have left behind.

August 27 –Creative By Nature

Get outside and get creative! In this wild week we’ll be making natural art! Collect materials in the grasslands to experience nature and make beautiful wild artwork! Enjoy nature’s beauty through artwork and storytelling.

Instructions for Parents

  • Half day camps require a healthy snack
  • Please pack “nut free” lunches!
  • Programs will go ahead, rain or shine – please come prepared for the weather!
  • Wear supportive walking shoes
  • Bring a hat, jacket and water bottle
  • Apply sunblock before bringing your child to camp
Please Note
  • First purchase your tickets to camp. This can be done easiest by following the links on the current page or by viewing the events calendar and then clicking on “Get Tickets”.
  • You can add multiple tickets (camps) to your cart before checking out.
  • Once tickets are purchased, please fill out this Family Information form. It must be filled out once per year.
  • Cancellations made with at least one-week notice may be eligible for a full refund.
  • Camps may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met.
  • Children must be toilet trained

For inquiries about our 2021 summer camps please contact the ABNC office. Email: Phone: 250-260-4227.