Birthday Party Packages

Book a birthday party at Allan Brooks Nature Centre today! Give your child a fun filled day outside that will make their birthday unforgettable! Nature themed birthday packages available with 5 unique packages to choose from.

Party Package Includes:

• 1 hour of guided nature programming with one of our nature guides.

• 1 hour for your own lunch, cake, presents and exploring of the centre.

• Choice of one unique birthday package. Party packages are best suited for children ages 4 – 9. See details below.

• Outdoor picnic gazebo will be reserved for your party and decorated with streamers and colour tablecloths.

*Outdoor BBQ available for rent. 

*Parties are only available April 15 -October 31 and depending on availability.

Cost: $150 (for up to 15 children)

Family Membership holders receive 15% OFF.

Themed Party Packages to choose from:

Learn all about the scaly world of reptiles and the slimy life of amphibians! Get up close and personal with our turtle “Smile” and our corn snake. Create your own craft to take home or enjoy an interactive game.

Use binoculars to search for birds on the grassland trail. Check for owl pellets at the Raptor pole and so a pellet dissection. Get a close look at the different bird feathers and learn to recognize some of their calls!

Join us critter dipping at the pond where we will discover the life that lives below the surface, and use magnifying glasses to get a closer look. Play a pond-themed game or make a craft of your own.

Visit our “Marmot City” and watch the adorable yellow-bellied marmots playa nd bask in the sun. Play a marmot game outside or make a craft to take home.

Do a scavenger hunt along our grasslands trail and search for these tiny inhabitants. Learn about insects though fun games and activities, and discover our Live Bee Hive!

Book your Birthday Party today! To book call 250-260-4227 or fill out the form below.

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