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Connecting with Plants- Kids Workshop

Mikaela Cannon is a wilderness guide with a passion for plants and sharing her knowledge! In this workshop on Saturday, June 25th she will teach kids how to identify local plants and explain their importance. Kids will have time to observe the various plants along our grasslands trail and draw a plant of their choice. The group will then discuss; how plants are different from one another, what kind of habitat they live in, and what types of animals or insects were interacting with the plants. This workshop is suitable for kids ages 5-11 years old.

Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire workshop. 

Please ensure everyone in your group is dressed for the weather and wearing closed toe shoes. Meet at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre playground around 9:50am.

CANCELLED – Bee Smart, Understanding Bees and Bee Conservation Workshop


Bees are essential to our food chain. Learn how we all can help save the bees – both our domestic and our native species, and about the many amazing things they give us. Join Mary from Orchard Blossom Honey in Armstrong for this incredible learning opportunity all about bees! She will provide guests with a presentation, support material and be available to answer all of your bee related questions. Pre-registration is required and current Covid protocols will be in effect.

A bit about Mary: “It started with a swarm. Home Sweet Home Apiaries was born. Before that, it was a niggling interest, especially as we are avid gardeners. We knew bees were essential, but it wasn’t until they literally landed in our lap that we really began to look into them. Once we started, there was no turning back. Three hives, and the incredible honey they produced, led to many more colonies, then to more yards in which to keep the colonies. How could they not? These creatures are really the most amazing, intriguing, wonderful little ladies. Every event with them leaves us in awe, from watching them on warm winter days somehow finding pollen to bring in, to watching them ban the drones from the hives in the fall, and absolutely everything between… including swarm chasing.”