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Cats and Birds in Your Community

Join us at ABNC for a fascinating talk about the connection between cats and birds in your community!

Tonight’s presenter,  Anna, will discuss the current state of birds in Canada and the top 3 threats to bird populations. She will also provide science-based resources and advice on what people can do to support birds in their community. The presentation will address climate change, bird-window collisions and bird predation by roaming cats. This topic will be of interest to cat owners and non-cat owners alike!

Anna Skurikhina is a biologist and a nature enthusiast currently residing in Kelowna, BC. Anna works as a Cats and Birds Project Coordinator with the non-profit Stewardship Centre for BC. The Stewardship Centre leads the Cats and Birds project to improve cat welfare and protect birds from the impact of roaming cats. As part of the project’s advisory committee, Anna works with animal welfare groups, conservation organizations, academia and governments to help address the issue of roaming cats and bird decline in BC.
This event will be held in the classroom at ABNC.
Admission is by donation and pre-registration is required!