Wine and Wild West sent kids to camp!

The Wine and Wild West gala was a real 'hoot'in Ho Down for all that attended, including Elton the Spectacled Owl and the cowboys of the Wild Wild West. With activities captivating the Western theme, there were a few 'Bukaroos or Charro's and Night Wranglers' that might have got a little wild, and it wasn't the goats, snakes or birds on hand!

An event like this doesn't happen without the generosity of the community. The ABNC team thank all those that attended.


Allan Brooks Nature Centre would like to thank the sponsors that helped make this event a success.

Title Sponsor

  • Fraser Barker Advisory Group of Aligned Capital Partners Inc

Entertainment Sponsor

  • KPMG

Wine Sponsor

  • Liquor Warehouse

Wild West Sponsors

  • Predator Ridge
  • Kingfisher Boats
  • Avalon Event Rentals

To all that attended and sponsored.

Thanks to you…

  • We will be able to offer educations programs all year long in 2019/2020 and ensure that our programs and facilities are accessible to everyone,
  • We are able to expand our school programs, and offer bussing grants to schools in low socio-economic neighborhoods,
  • We can offer our “Send a kid to camp” activities to low income families. A child may encounter their first snake on our grassland trail, or discover the joy of seeing a live bee hive in our Interpretive Centre.
  • We can continue to engaging kids in nature, teaching about the local environment and conservation, a critical aspect of a child's education.

    At Allan Brooks Nature Centre, our goal is to connect people of all ages to nature, but most importantly children, through both education and the simple opportunity to experience it, that they may not have elsewhere.

    Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to create these experiences for over 5,000 kids in the coming year.

    We could not do this with your support, so again, thank you!

    Thanks to Wayne Emde for the great photo gallery of the event!

    Check out the photo gallery below

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