Men's Shed

Men’s Shed – More than a back-yard shop!!!!

Earlier this year Allan Brooks connected with Vernon’s Men Shed – a group of fine senior gentlemen that come together for conversation, friendship and in a way contribute to our community through things they build and share.

Currently located at one of primary sponsors Elephant Storage these fellows created items that for Allan Brooks enhanced our programs in connecting with the kids – Bringing Nature to Life in the Okanagan. This year alone we at Allan Brooks will connect with over 5000 kids.

The Men’s Shed to date has provided us with a beehive play box. Then for our Wine & Wild West they provided us with children’s benches and chairs for our silent auction. We thank them for their contribution to a very successful fundraiser for Allan Brooks.

It is a real pleasure working with this group as we look to the future on how we can work together to provide for a better experience for our children of the Okanagan. They really do care!!

Read their Men's Shed July newsletter here

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