Raptors in the Grasslands

Starting June 13, 2016 Allan Brooks Nature Centre will be host to two handlers and 4 or 5 birds from the The Pacific Northwest Raptors in Duncan for the week. Raptor 'Free-Flight' Demonstrations and Raptor Hands-on Encounter Courses will be also be available for public to experience twice daily at the Nature Centre during Raptor Weeks in August and September, 2016.

Raptor ‘Free-Flight’ Demonstrations

Experience the excitement of a 30-minute Raptor ‘Free-Flight’ Program in the Grasslands at Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Meet the handlers and each of the birds with their own unique appearance and flight styles. Each demonstration includes 4 or 5 raptors, including at least three free-flying birds.

Raptor Encounter Courses

A thrilling short encounter (1hr and 15mins) with some of nature’s most amazing predators. The Raptor Encounter Course will allow participants to get up close and personal with several different birds of prey, including an owl, a hawk and a falcon! Learn all about our wild raptors, the conservation issues they face and how you can help. Hold a hawk or an owl on your glove as you learn about how we work with them and why they are so important in our ecosystems. Witness the speed and agility of the falcon as it dives above you and be thrilled when you release the hawk and it returns to your gloved arm. It’s a very special experience.

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