Know about Mushrooms?!


Above: the artist stands behind a counter set up in the forest as part of her 
2016 project, La Boulangerie du Terroir. Photo by Eli Gordon.

Meet Amélie

Amélie Brindamour is the second artist in a series of three visiting artists for the 2018 Fresh! AIR artist-in-residence series at the Caetani Centre this summer, and is visiting the area from Montreal, Quebec. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and a Master's in Art Education from Concordia University, and works as an art teacher in various community settings and at the Cegep level. Her art practice explores issues related to the natural and urban environment through place-specific projects including installations, participatory performances, eat-art and photography. This summer she will conduct in-depth artistic research into the presence and characteristics of mushrooms in the Okanagan Valley, and the relationship between certain types of trees and fungi under the forest floor through the mycorrhizal network. You can see more of her work on her website!

Above: The Temporary Coastland Library, 2017. The project created a library system with plants and animals transmitting knowledge in place of books, turning the forest into a learning space. It took place during the Great Island art residency in Nova Scotia. Photo taken by Erin Whittier.

Do you have knowledge to share about local fungi? Get in touch!

Amélie is looking for input from locals in order to learn more about mushrooms in the Vernon area and where the good spots and trails to find them are located. Whether you are a professional or amateur mycologist, a recreational or commercial mushroom picker, or a mushroom enthusiast, please contact Amélie by email at [email protected] or contact the Caetani Centre at 250-275-1525.
She would love to hear from you!

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