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Who Are “The Raptors”?

The Raptors is an organization based out of Duncan on Vancouver Island. Their goal is to increase awareness about the importance of raptor conservation. They’re closely affiliated with their non-profit partner organization, Raptor Rescue Society, and they provide programs and events year-round. They will be at ABNC from August 25th to September 1st and will be offering four encounters and two demonstrations each day.


Demonstrations vs. Encounters: What’s The Difference?

Demonstrations take place at our Grasslands Theatre and run twice a day. They include a flight demonstration as well as education about the raptor species and the challenges they face in the wild. Demonstrations are suitable for all ages.

Encounters are run for smaller groups in a more intimate setting and involve direct contact with the birds. There is an age requirement (8 or older) to participate in an encounter. Encounters include education about the birds, their behaviors, habitats, prey, and challenges faced by the species in the wild. When you purchase an Encounter ticket, it also includes access to view a Demonstration.


If you choose to purchase tickets, you’re not just getting a great day out, you’re also supporting ABNC! These events are a vital aspect of fundraising here at Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Proceeds from these events are used to power the facilities and to provide education and outreach events to the community year-round.


“The Raptors brings people closer to birds of prey. Our goal is to educate, illuminate and inspire a sense of personal responsibility for the future of both birds of prey and the planet.”

Learn more about The Raptors organization here.