Allan Brooks Nature Centre is happy to announce that the Raptors are returning!

For 1 weekend only July 4, 5, 6 and 7

Raptor Flight Demonstrations and Encounter Courses available each day.
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Flight Demonstrations

Flight Demonstrations get you close to five different bird species. Watch these amazing predators and learn about their importance in our ecosystem.

The presentation runs approximately 30-40 minutes. Click on the date and time of your choosing on the calendar below to purchase your tickets.

Tickets may be available at the gate for an increased fee. Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather as all programs happen outside.

Encounter Course

The Encounter gives you a small group experience and is the perfect way to connect with the birds and foster an appreciation and understanding for them. The Raptor Encounter Course will allow participants to get close and personal with several different birds right on your glove.

Limit of 8 people per Encounter. Ages 8+.

For Combo tickets - choose the date and time of the Encounter and feel free to attend the Flight Demo that works best for your schedule.

Click on the date and time of your choosing on the calendar below to purchase your tickets.

Hawk Landing 1 Of 1

Come see Tuari, Jury, Elton and Kessie in action!

Raptors Logo

Founded by Gillian Radcliffe in 2002, The Raptors team is comprised of a small group of caring, knowledgeable biologists and raptor enthusiasts dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey, and the birds themselves.

Gillian’s primary goal in opening the center was to help change the way we think about the delicate balance between man and wildlife within the ecosystem and the essential role raptors play in our natural habitats.

The Raptors believe the best way to impart this important message is to let you see up close how amazing these birds are and learn about the critical roles they play in the ecosystems we all share.

Working 365 days a year with these aeronautic champions has helped us learn how to provide them with the finest standards of care possible. Every staff member and volunteer at The Raptors feels privileged to have the opportunity to learn and grow through interacting with these magnificent birds. We consider these birds our colleagues.