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As You Like It will be the theme for your magical evening which will include a personally crafted meal by MTL’s own Gold Medalist Chef, Mathew Morazain.  After a private consultation, Chef Morazain will prepare a four course meal for eight, highlighting seasonal ingredients and paired with Copper Brewery beer and a selection of award winning wines from Van Westen Vineyards.
Chef Morazain has reached the finals for Best Local Chef category in Kelowna   and is excited to create a menu catered to satisfy your tastebuds, just as you like it.  Sorry, there will be no lovers in the forest or big dance scene.  We’ll leave that to Shakespeare.
Dinner will be Wednesday, August 26th at the Allan Brookes Nature Centre in Vernon. 
You can visit Chef Mathew at MTL in Kelowna, 1851 Kirschner Rd. They offer lunch, dinner, and live music every Friday night.

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This dinner for 8 will be held on August 26th
Sponsored By Van Westen Vineyards, Copper Brewing & MtlRealFood

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