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2023 BC Annual Bat Count report

BC Bat Count results are in and available for readers. Each year the BC Bat Count results are published and available for review here https://bcbats.ca/bat-basics/community-bat-publications/ This report on bat counts […]


News Release July 24, 2023 OKANAGAN AND SIMILKAMEEN REGION, BC – Are you noticing more bats around your house or property? You are not alone! Mid-summer is the time when […]

Spring up to help local bats

BC Community Bat Program’s Okanagan Coordinator asking for help with bats. With bats waking from hibernation and many returning to the area from long migrations, Paula Rodriguez de la Vega […]

Disease threatens BC’s Bats – Need your help

OKANAGAN AREA, BC – B.C.’s bats, including the well-known Little Brown Bat, are threatened by a fungal disease headed towards the province from Alberta and Washington State. The Okanagan Community Bat […]

Bat Week at ABNC ends Oct 29th

Why BatWeek? “Bats in BC help control agricultural and forest pests, as well as mosquitoes in our yards – but now bats need our help” says Mandy Kellner, Coordinator for the BC Community Bat Program.

Get Outdoors! And learn about bugs: Part 2

If you missed my last article on how remarkable insects are, you’ll find it on my June 14 Facebook post. I also described the vast impoverishment of the entire insect […]

Get Outdoors! And learn about bugs

Insects are by far the most populous wildlife species on Earth, and their numbers have been drastically declining in the past few years. Eminent biologist and author E. O. Wilson […]