Perched atop the grasslands just south of Vernon the Allan Brooks Nature Centre (ABNC) is your place to satisfy your natural curiosity and reconnect with the joys of nature.

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Since 1996, Allan Brooks Nature Centre has grown from a discontinued weather station into an interpretive centre with activity rooms, display space, indoor and outdoor classrooms, picnic and play areas, a pond, native plant gardens, viewpoint sitting areas, and a wheelchair friendly grasslands trail around the grounds. ABNC displays and features a variety of nature-associated learning opportunities, information, activities and experiences. Come explore the rich natural history of the Okanagan Basin. Here you'll be rewarded with breathtaking 360º views of our region, including Okanagan, Kalamalka, and Swan Lakes and plenty of opportunities to nurture your own nature.

Inside the Nature Centre you can:

  • Take a virtual tour of the Okanagan in the Habitat Room. Become immersed in the sights and sounds of ecosystems (Grasslands, Wetlands, Douglas-fir - Ponderosa Pine and Englemann spruce - subalpine fir Forests) typical to the Okanagan region.
  • Have a hands-on learning experience while exploring nature in the Discovery Room.
  • Discover the observational honeybee hive and other seasonally Featured Exhibits.
  • Learn about the Okanagan's unique and diverse natural history, the art and history of Major Allan C. Brooks, and what you can do for nature as a Citizen Scientist!
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You can also:

Discover the floristic composition of our region's grasslands, watch birds and other wildlife while strolling around the grounds on the Grassland Trail.

Visit 'Marmot City' and enjoy the active and playful lives of Yellow-bellied Marmots.

Spend some time at the Pond Learning Centre and discover the abundant and diverse life of wetlands.

Learn about time with the Analemmatic Sundial

Find and observe species and natural phenomena all over the nature centre site.

Wander through the Naturescape Garden and learn how to create wildlife habitat in your own backyard.

Participate in a scheduled Interpretive Program or Public Workshop.

Enjoy refreshments outside on our covered picnic area.

Sit close by and watch your kids in one of our Nature Play Areas.

Learn about parks and protected areas, natural assets and recreation amenities around our region.

Relax on one of the many benches and simply enjoy the surrounding views of our valley.