Okie and the Marmot City Crew made this list of needed items.

Help us make OKIES 12 DAYS OF GIVING a success. Any donation over 25.00 receives a tax receipt.

ABNC, the staff and Okie thank you for your ongoing kindness, generosity and support.

DSLR Camera
Value $900.00

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Quality pictures of grassland creatures and events help promote ABNC awareness and value on social media and our website.

Programming Props
Value $350.00

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With our education programs, bat puppets, replicate feathers and kits bring a valuable tactile experience to children learning about local wildlife.

Education Office Supplies
Value $300.00

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These supplies contribute to our indoor hands-on education alongside ABNC’s outdoor programming.

Animal Models
Value $100.00

$ 100.00 donated
Thank You!
Models provide strong visual images for students, young and old alike.

Value $160.00

Got:$10.00 $150.00 left to go.
There’s always work at the Centre. This mix of tools will allow volunteers and staff to tackle maintenance needs.

Viewing Scope
Value $350.00

Got:$200.00 $150.00 left to go.
With a scope at our viewpoint, visitors will have a bird’s eye view of the Osprey nest and grassland patrolled by hawks and other wildlife.

Two Collapsible wagons
Value $340.00

Got:$100.00 $240.00 left to go.
These multi use tools will help in setting up events and assisting volunteers with various yard maintenance tasks.

Wifi Trail Cameras
Value $300.00

Got:$50.00 $250.00 left to go.
Wildlife regularly moves through the grasslands. With two new cameras we can improve our ability to see these natural neighbours.

Student Binoculars (10 sets)
Value $500.00

Got:$200.00 $300.00 left to go.
Whether at ABNC or another natural setting, these will help participants see animals and parts of nature that can only be observed at a distance.

Wifi to Grassland Theatre
Value $1500.00

Got:$100.00 $1400.00 left to go.
For presentations outdoors. On those beautiful summer or fall days, we can broadcast visual presentations to users in real time.

Grassland Sound System
Value $1800.00

Got:$100.00 $1700.00 left to go.
ABNC needs a reliable system delivering quality sound for everyone’s enjoyment at events.

Exhibit Materials
Value $2000.00

Got:$100.00 $1900.00 left to go.
Exhibits rely on visual presentation and these materials add value by enhancing the participants’ experience.